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Why hire a Kitchen Designer?

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Whether you are building or renovating or anything in between, perhaps you have considered engaging a specialist kitchen designer or custom joinery company to help guide you through your project.

A qualified designer can help navigate appliance and sanitary selections, materials and finishes and most importantly ensure you have a functional and ergonomic kitchen specifically tailored to you.

That being said… have you considered that a kitchen designer can save you money and time?

By engaging an experienced kitchen designer you can be assured that your design will be carefully thought out and functional. A designer can also help avoid costly mistakes such as incoherent colour choices and direct you towards products and materials which suit your allocated budget.

The bonus about engaging a specialist kitchen designer or a kitchen company which is renown for their designs, is that you can discuss your needs and your design in depth, in a showroom with an expert as opposed to a retail based 'off the shelf' kitchen store who will often carry a mass produced product as opposed to a locally manufactured and tailored kitchen.

A qualified designer can do much more than design your dream kitchen.. they can arrange quotations for manufacturing and building work also. This will save you time and minimise risk as all recommended kitchen manufacturers and trades will usually work with your designer on a regular basis.

Involving an experienced designer in your project is a valuable investment… providing knowledge and expertise during your new build or renovation, in which can some times be an overwhelming process.

MY #1 TIP! Always remember to query your shortlisted designers about their experience before bringing them on board. Any knowledgeable designer or custom kitchen company will be up to date with new products and trends and have access to a wide range of quality selections.

Written by Stefan Vignogna for THE ESSENTIAL KBG


Stefan Vignogna is an Adelaide based custom joinery designer with over a decades experience in custom kitchen and joinery design.

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